Local lad Luke Ambler joined the learners and staff of KITS to pose the question What’s Next? 

“Luke Ambler is a former professional rugby player, dad, entrepreneur, award-winning mental health campaigner, charity chairman, and motivational speaker. Raw and real, Luke is one of a kind and his own challenging experiences led to the What’s Next? theory that now underpins his approach to life. In turning his own corner, Luke has helped thousands around the world to find the strength to take control and improve their own situation.”

As part of their Induction at KITS all learners benefit from presentations, sessions and talks on the wider social, health & well-being and lifestyle issues that can affect them.

Luke’s session proved to be the most popular with the learners and has given them the understanding that even if they are facing personal problems and challenging times things will get better and that with a little bit of perseverance and the understanding that they can talk about their problems and shouldn’t be ashamed to talk or open up to one another.

Inspiring and very real, Luke was able to impress on the learners that now is the time that they can choose to make things happen for themselves and find their own success in life and their chosen career pathways.

“I have liked all of the sessions, but Luke’s was the one that i focused on most!”  Jack

“To know that someone came out of prison, changed their life then killed himself, really hit me. I really care about mental health . You need to make sure your friends are fine.”  Eugene

“Mental Health is a big thing in my life. To hear someone else has suffered has helped me”  Alex