Happy New Year to all Customers, Learners and Colleagues. We hope 2020 is a successful year for all!

As you start the new year, are you considering boosting your workforce or even the impact that future retirements are going to play on your staffing and skill levels?

If this planning leads to the space for new staff then why not consider an Apprentice? Apprenticeships are comprehensive, formal training programmes heavily subsidised by the government. They provide a cost-effective solution to developing
your staff and business.

KITS have learners ready to start in company as your Apprentice and we can assist with your recruitment and selection of a suitable apprentice.

With known impacts to Businesses being:
• 96% of employers using apprenticeships say their business has benefited
• 83% of employers using apprenticeships rely on them to provide the skilled
workers needed for the future
• 80% of employers using apprenticeships say they reduce staff turnover
• 76% of employers using apprenticeships say they increase overall productivity
• 59% of employers using apprenticeships say that training is more
cost-effective than hiring skilled staff

Apprenticeships are a great investment for your business.

If you want to recruit an Apprentice or want to discuss opportunities then please contact the Employer Engagement Team on 01484 711462.